Our Interactive courses are designed to create confident project and concept teachers who can facilitate learning among a group of self directed learners.

How We Work With Schools

Drawing on my 10 years of experience in education and founding UP Academy, I craft experiential and useful professional development for educators. I bring my unique approach to project, inquiry and concept based learning to you, and make it easy to understand and execute in the classroom.

  • Introductory Workshops

    In this introductory workshop we will begin to explore what project and concept based learning is and how your administration or educators can implement elements in the classroom right away!

  • PBL Development and Support

    This two day workshop does a deep dive into developing projects that align with standards and create space for student inquiry and interests. Optional ad-on: On-going development support in the classroom through the launch and stages of the project until completion.

  • Personalized Development for your Team

    Each workshop is curated to include your schools goals and values. I make sure that we are working to be inclusive of all students and incorporate your schools philosophies into our curriculum structure.

Schedule a Call

I'd love to talk with you about how we can help your school adopt project based learning and how we can give your educators the skills and support to be successful.

UPcoming workshops and webinars

Make this the year you implement high quality, multi-subject, PBL into your classroom for fun and impact!

Practicing Reflection in the Project-Based Classroom

Wednesday, December 7th, 4-5pm

Do you want to help your students work more intentionally and create their best products? Join us for Practicing Reflection in the Project-Based Classroom. In this session we will discuss the ways in which we can use self-reflection to promote student agency and craftsmanship throughout the day.

New Year, New Way of Looking at PBL

Wednesday, January 11th, 4-5pm

Project-Based Learning has become so widely used that we want to come together to share our views and ideas about PBL. In our session, New Year, New Way of Looking at PBL, we’ll share the way we have reframed “project-based learning,” how we define our Rebel Projects and the way they are designed to immerse students in deep learning experiences.

Leading with Love: Empathy-Based Projects

Saturday, February 11th, 10-11am

How can we build empathy (even in our littlest learners)? In this session, Leading with Love: Empathy-Based Projects, we will discuss the positive impact of projects rooted in empathy. We will give you the tools to empower your students to make contributions to their world as they learn and grow in this value.

Springing into Experiential Instruction

Wednesday, March 15th, 4-5pm

Join us for Springing Into Experiential Instruction! In this session we will discuss the impact of experiential instruction on learning. We will share how designing projects with the Rebel Method helps build students' experiences that foster a love of learning and school.

Blooming with Best Practices in Projects

Saturday, April 15th, 10-11am

Let’s come together to learn and share some best practices in problem-based instruction. In our session, Blooming with Best Practices in Projects, We’ll provide you with resources to support your own project design and implementation.

Intro to planning an immersive REBEL project

Wednesday, May 17th, 4-5pm

Are you ready to jump into project or problem-based instruction? Are you curious about what differentiates a Rebel Project? Join us for an introductory session on building your first Rebel Project! We will provide you with planning templates and thought partners.