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This unit will teach students about the importance of play as they talk about what and why they like to play. They will connect with the creativity and collaboration that occurs while they play in school and at home. The students will learn about how play is an important part of their life and has been an important part of the culture of children from the past as well as children around the world. They will compare the games from the past and game from around the world to the games we like to play today. The students will also learn about how rules are important for a functioning community and that to teach others a skill, you must provide clear directions. Both of these concepts play an important role in games and will be part of their game design. They will design a game for a specific person's interests. This person may be a folk in a nursing home, a child in a hospital, or a peer in the school building. The goal is to get students thinking about how would benefit from an appreciate a new game. The students will present their game designs in a games expo or by bringing their games to the place where their audience is and playing together.

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    The Power of Play

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