This project will begin with a day of peace. The students will examine their current thoughts and beliefs about peace and begin to wonder what peace actually is and how we can think about creating more peace within our world. The students will learn about how the theme for this year's international day of peace is creating a more equitable and sustainable world (2021). They will learn think about all of the people and creatures that make up our planet and begin to build empathy around caring for the world. Within the launch and discovery phase, the students will also think critically about the terms conflict and community and discuss the way they have seem them in the world. The final part of the launch and discovery phase is where the students learn about the class job of the peacemaker and apply for this position, if desired. Moving into the planning and research phase, the students will learn about different peacemakers and peacebuilders throughout history. The students will choose one person that they are interested in to do further research on. The students will also work on the deliverable of a personal narrative. The students will examine a time they've experienced conflict and turn it into a small moment writing peace. Finally, the students will work on their final projects where they take on the role of a peacemaker/peacebuilder and create product that teach and encourage others on how to create a more peaceful world.

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