This unit will begin with students discovering the foods in their own lunch boxes and thinking about how it got to be there. Over the first few weeks the students will demonstrate gratitude for the food we have and learn about wants and needs, as well interdependence in our ecosystem. The students will use their scientific minds to learn more about the five senses and sort and classify fruits and vegetables. Throughout the next few weeks the students will research to learn more about the journeys our foods make to get from the farm to our tables. They will learn more about text features and the nonfiction genre to learn more about their topic. The students will take field trips to the farmer's market and the supermarket and compare and contrast these experiences.The students will also learn about nutrition and sustainability. They will create a choice group product to teach others about why one of these concepts is so important. The class will also work together to create their own farmer's market stand for their culminating project. This can be done at a real farmer's market, or in the classroom (where each group would have their own stand). At the farmer's market, each group will also present their products to teach their customers about nutrition/sustainability.