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This unit begins with a mural walk and student noticings. They will begin to wonder: What makes the world beautiful? They will learn about storytelling and how storytellers use their voices to make change in the world. The students will learn the meaning of an "activist" and study the problems in society that people are working to change. Through read alouds, they will gain a better understanding of these issues and build empathy for people who have faced different kinds of adversity. They will also study specific changemakers throughout history and how they have made the world a more beautiful place. Finally, the students will become changemakers themselves, choosing a cause they have developed a passion for, writing speeches and creating posters to go on a "March for Change." The students will use their experiences on their march to write their own personal narrative stories, focusing on this small moment. The students will create a mural based on all they have learned throughout this study, that will make their community a more beautiful place.