Our projects are designed to cover multiple subjects and standards while allowing ample room for student agency.

We want our students to become good learners, not just good students. We want them to deeply understand concepts that impact their lives. We want them to become lifelong learners, we embrace their curiosity, we support their creativity.

We know that students learn best when the information is relevant and interesting and we can combine concepts with experiences.

Our job as educators is to facilitate their learning opportunities and help them to connect the dots so they can transfer what they learn in the classroom to actively use in the world around them. Our projects help to build self esteem through validating ideas, model collaboration through working with others to solve a bigger problem, encourage creativity through inquiry, and challenge critical thinking through evaluating a problem and taking different perspectives to work towards a solution. Our projects often have opportunities for field trips to enhance learning and multiple options for deliverables.

Enjoy the Support of a Project Community

If you have questions along the way our community is here to support you. Chat with other project based educators from around the world in our community to share ideas and ask questions. Join us once a month for our live Q & A or feel free to email us anytime. Our database is built of real projects, built by real educators and many have been used in our own classrooms. Whether this is your first project or your 100th, we are confident that our easy to use templates and easy to understand projects can bring your classroom to life.

Looking for a Template?

Our concept and project based template has all the space you need for planning, creating, executing and assessing a project in your classroom.

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