Nurture Creativity and Encourage Curiosity Utilizing Project Based Learning

  • Project Library

    Project based learning begins with the underpinning concept we are wanting to impart to our students and then builds a cross-curriculuar, multi-week, project that incorporates several standards from several courses of study to guide students through an area of inquiry. Each project has a full outline, teacher resources and suggestions for student-led areas of discovery.

  • Education Entrepreneurs

    Are you interested in starting and forming your own school? We have successfully launched a progressive micro school that continues to grow. We’d love to share the nuts and bolts with you. We believe that the more options families have for education, the faster our education system will grow and innovate and the better served and prepared our youth will be for the future.

  • Professional Development

    Our goal is to give educators actionable ideas to implement in their classrooms right away. Our workshops are taught through an experiential approach that allows educators to experience what a method will feel and look like in the classroom, while they learn about the ideas and create ways to implement them.